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Board Gaming with Education

Feb 3, 2020

In this episode of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin interviews Chad Elkins, the founder and lead designer of the Atlanta-based company, 25th Century Games. 25th Century Games is a tabletop game and puzzle developer whose goal is to bring people together through face-to-face interactions in a world where technology is decreasing the amount of in-person socialization. Dustin and Chad discuss a range of topics, like Chad’s introduction to the board gaming hobby and his decision to include historical and educational context to pique player’s interest. The two also touch on the importance of design and enjoyability as something to focus on when developing a successful table-top board game.

  • Update from Board Gaming with Education- season 8, events, game-based resources - 00:15
  • Chad Elkins from 25th Century Games - 4:20
  • Game Design and Developing Problem Solving Skills - 9:30
  • 25th Century Games - 12:26
  • Using Educational Elements in Hobby Board Games - 17:11
  • Jurrasic Parts from 25th Century Games - 28:06
  • Finding Fud in Educational Games - 36:35
  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Rapid Round - 40:22
  • Upcoming Projects and Contact Information for 25th Century Games - 47:00

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